Breakfast at Treventon

Self Service Continental Breakfast is included with your reservation

8:00 – 10:00 (Earlier breakfast will be provided on request.)

Brown & White Bread/Toast/Gluten Free Bread (on request)


Butter/Vegan Butter

Gouda Cheese

Jam (Strawberry/Raspberry/Gooseberry) /Marmalade /Marmite/Nutella/Honey

Milk/Vegan Milk (on request)

Greek Style Yogurt/Vegan Yogurt (on request)

Cornflakes/Honey Nut Flakes/Fruit & Fibre/Swiss Muesli/Fruit Muesli

Gluten Free Cereal (on request)

Apples/Bananas/Soft Fruit (typically blueberries/raspberries/strawberries)

* Tea (Tetley/Green/Camomile/Peppermint/Earl Grey)

* Coffee (Espresso based coffee)/ Instant Coffee

* Decaf Tea/Coffee

Always Available in the Breakfast Room