Treventon Self Service Continental Breakfast Includes:

Brown & White Bread/Toast/Gluten Free Bread (on request)


Butter/Vegan Butter

Gouda Cheese

Jam (Strawberry/Raspberry/Gooseberry) /Marmalade /Marmite/Nutella/Honey

Milk/Vegan Milk (on request)

Yogurt/Vegan Yogurt (on request)

Cornflakes/Honey Nut Flakes/Fruit & Fibre/Swiss Muesli/Fruit Muesli

Gluten Free Cereal (on request)

Apples/Bananas/Soft Fruit (typically blueberries/raspberries/strawberries)

* Tea (Tetley/Green/Camomile/Peppermint/Earl Grey)

* Coffee (Espresso based coffee)/ Instant Coffee

* Decaf Tea/Coffee

* Always Available in the Breakfast Room

Cooked breakfast is not an option at Treventon.

We do not have our own car park. There is unrestricted parking on all streets surrounding Treventon. It is normally freely available, but it cannot be reserved.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate pets at Treventon.

It is against the law to smoke or vape in Treventon.

Treventon has a locked courtyard (no roof) where guests can store bikes. Please inform me when you arrive, and I will provide the key.

There is a laundry located behind the amusement arcade a 5 minute walk from Treventon. Map Directions. We are unable to provide our own laundry service for guests.

Children are very welcome at Treventon

Treventon is all inclusive and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination

There is no last check-in cut off time. If you are arriving very late we ask that you let us know and use the self check in door code on arrival. Please also keep any noise to a minimum so as not to disturb guests who may already be sleeping.

Your room is ready, at the latest, by 2pm. You are welcome to arrive before then and if your room is not ready yet you can leave luggage in the hall.

Check-out is 10am. You are welcome to leave luggage in the hall during your check out day and collect it later when you leave Penzance. Your door code remains active until 7pm on your check out day.