This is a short walk from Treventon and would make a great start to your visit, taking you along the promenade to the fishing port of Newlyn. Fish from Newlyn are transported across the world but can be bought from the fish shops in the town. No visit here is complete without a visit to Jelbert’s ice cream shop. Only one flavour is available – vanilla – made with Cornish clotted cream, try it with added clotted cream for total indulgence!

From Treventon turn left onto Alexandra Road and cross over the road at the roundabout which will take you to the Promenade and the Atlantic Ocean. To your left along the coast you will see our most famous landmark – St Michael’s Mount.

Turn right following the Promenade, continue past the car park and skate park on your right. At the end of the promenade continue along the path passing Newlyn Green on your right and arriving at the life-size bronze Fisherman Statue, built to honour fishermen who have died at sea, over twenty local men having died fishing since 1980. The photograph at the top of this page was taken from this point looking back towards Penzance.

Now head into Newlyn, turning left after the Fisherman Statue. As you pass the stone houses notice the doorways fitted with flood barriers. During rough weather and high spring and autumn tides, the sea will splash right up to these houses. In town check out the harbour and fish mongers, for food and drink you will discover a selection of pubs, restaurants and cafes.